Brand Reputation: Finding the balance between your brand and reputation

You’ve done it. You’ve risen your business from the ground up. Your big ideas are turning into your tangible negotiations that are expanding your company’s mission. As your business continues to grow, however, you may notice that the reputation and publicity will become more and more critical to your success. A simple misspell in a tweet or a poorly designed post can truly harm your years of hard work. We recognize the efforts you’ve invested in your business and want you to understand how to manage your brand’s reputation in easy achievable steps. Read below for more insights on how you can make a lifetime of good brand reputation in just 5 minutes by reading this article! 


What is brand reputation? 

Brand reputation is a balance between what you say you are, so, your brand and what others say you are, thus, your reputation. The goal is to always have your brand match your reputation. Losing balance between the two can significantly and negatively impact the growth and expansion you are trying to achieve within your business. 


3 tips to protecting your brand’s reputation

  1. Build a trusting relationship. Consistency is key to a strong foundation with your customers. Fostering a connection with your audience will immediately form trusting relationships that will reflect your company’s reputation. One way to achieve this is by responding to amazing compliments or harsh complaints in a timely manner, usually within 24 to 48 business hours. If you’ve made a mistake make sure you make it up to your customer by offering a discount or giving the product/service for free. Show your appreciation by doing frequent giveaways, events, and fun interactions. Ultimately, you want to invest in the relationship with your audience so they can continue to invest in you. 
  2. Meet your audience where they are. Always stay up to date with the latest news. Develop content tailored to any client that may be affected by the current social, political, or economical climate. Make sure your words are genuine and that you match what you say with actions. For example, if a certain social group is being affected by a current decision, help them feel seen and heard by researching the ways in which your business can improve opportunities and expand knowledge in a way that makes an impact. You can achieve this by celebrating the talents and achievements of diverse individuals in Black History Month, Hispanic Heritage Month, Women’s History Month, etc. and committing to using what you learn within these months to make a sustainable change.
  3. Create a dependable team. Hire individuals with the character and skills that match your business’s identity. It’s important to engage your employees so that they understand how they can continue to attract the right customers and build your authentic marketing image. Having a reliable, efficient, and creative team is essential. Lucky for you, Black Dove Digital has these qualities. 


Build a great reputation by understanding that you may often need to change your campaign plans and marketing strategies as the world continues to evolve. Although it can be easy to leave your brand’s reputation at the bottom of your “to-do list” we urge you to prioritize this item. We can support your vision at Black Dove Digital. Give us a call or email us for more information on how we can partner to develop and discover that perfect balance between your brand and your reputation. We know what you stand for – let’s make sure the world sees that, too!

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