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Why do you need an SSL certificate?

Google is the most used search bar by far. Google has made a lot of changes to make sure consumers receive the best information on the first few pages. Google penalizes websites without a certificate and will lower your score.

If you have contact forms, login pages, or are taking payments a certificate will keep that information secure and encrypt the information. This is crucial to keep your client’s information safe from cyber criminals.

An SSL Certificate also builds trust. Without a certificate your website gets visibly tagged with the words ” not secure” Your customer has not even entered your website yet and already is losing trust. With a certificate your website will be visibly tagged with a green safe lock and depending on where you get your certificate, you will get a trust seal to display on your website.

Our Certificates are only $40.00 INSTALLED all February!

For more information Contact Us at info@blackdovedigital.com or CALL 480-662-3060

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